Trials and errors of Dew on a Berry

This is the 1st post…….This is my first attempt to BLOG….I will be blogging about my trials and errors of photographing food.  It’s not easy. I have been taking pictures that I can be proud of for 40 years, however, never attempted to shoot food.

My friend and I are putting together a cookbook, hence the photos.  Little did I know how wrapped up in this I would be. Lighting and presentation consume my every waking  hour.    I will start with my first photo’s, and my progress.  Let me state…they are little to be desired… lets make reservations honey,…no thank you, my stomach is feeling  sensitive ….  I’d love one, but maybe later please……   You get the idea !

4 thoughts on “Trials and errors of Dew on a Berry

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I would like to now start seeing some positive attitude in your blog. I don’t want to see you putting yourself down, especially since your photography is great!

  2. Just found this thru UHH since I am interested in creating a blog for my stuff. I like yours and see that it is a NWord Press template Nashita. I like the way it allows an endless scrolling of pictures on a black background. There are a seemingly endless choices there. You have undoubtedly evaluated the options in depth. What I would like is a template like this, but perhaps with yellow text. Or, deep blue background with yellow.

    Made me hungry, scrolling thru your pics. Now I need to find that recipe for roasted garbonzo beans and buy a popover pan.


    p.s. I don’t recognize that gravatar link that came up automatically with my name, but I’ll have to check it our after posting.

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