Hagan Daz : every day is different …

I need to practice, so anything edible will do.  I had some Hagan Daz, Dulce de Leche, in my freezer.  Mmm mmm  mm !  I scooped it into a delicate dish, and added a biscotti…then a strawberry.  Mind you, ice-cream melts.  I am concentrating on the settings of my camera.  F Stops  = Depth of Field (dof).  You will see different points of focus, and deep or shallow DOF.  I am also concentrating on light, but for now, it is mid morning sunlight, or afternoon sunlight, with a southern exposure.  I also like shadows, but there are different schools of thought….then there are my own thoughts.    Let me show you these pictures: Again, these are OK, but remember, I am aiming high.   I also bought a used lens on eBay.  105 mm Macro lens.  We are still getting acquainted with each other, by this I mean:  who is the alpha, the big dog, the boss lady ….  who is working for whom ?

One thought on “Hagan Daz : every day is different …

  1. I like this post. It’s funny. And, to set the record straight, the blogger behind Lottie & Doof, Tim Mazurek, is not a friend of mine, but I wish he was. He’s got the goods and the GOOD food.

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