To whom this may concern, and you know who you are…

Ok,  I appreciate all your kind words.  I am not belittling my photo’s, but they are not what a food photographer would get paid for. No, I am not looking to make money…..yet.   I am trying to hone in on my skills.   My friend Patty sent me a site , friends of hers that have a food and recipe blog.  The photo’s are beautiful.   They are the kind of pictures I want to take, and share with all of you.

I also have a friend in Galena, IL that has a recipe blog.  She has invited me to spend Monday, the 26th, with her.  We will make lunch, shoot the entree, and then enjoy our fruits of the loom.    She is also very good, I am hoping to pick up a few pointers from her.  Patricia’s link is :

The site Patty recommended is :

Check out the photography in these blogs……… you will see quite a difference from how I am shooting now.

3 thoughts on “To whom this may concern, and you know who you are…

  1. Michelle,
    That ice cream looks incredibly edible!! Have fun in Galena on the 26th. That sounds like so much fun!
    Hugs girl!

  2. Michelle,

    Now that I am in.,I am in love with photos and am now incredibly hungrey…
    Your bio is perfect by the way.

    The steak and beer photo was my fav and I dont eat much meat.
    You go girl and know I am your biggest fan


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