Atkins : meat, protein, and the American …

Hello,  if anyone is out there !  I had a good day today.   I took my best shot yet, the one I like best.  It happens to be Flank Steak !  ( smelled and tasted more like rump roast  )   Yes, this time the camera fooled everyone.  We tossed most of it away.  My family wanted me to feed it to the neighbor dogs, but I just couldn’t.

This picture was dinner last night, the beer was delicious.               

Tonight we had burgers.  Tomato burgers.  That is when the meat patty is smaller than the tomato and onion.  This photo has a very shallow DOF, and the focus is on the meat…or is it on the lettuce ?  Let me show you another..

This one makes me laugh, something is not right…is the burger sticking his tongue out at us ?   The depth of field is still shallow, but allows for a nice full picture of the meal.   The focus is pretty even.

I am also amazed at the color.  these were shot under natural light, a southern exposure, around 415-430pm.   I like them,  and I am getting better…. point being.

2 thoughts on “Atkins : meat, protein, and the American …

  1. Love the flank steak shot. I didn’t even notice the hamburger sticking it’s tongue out until you mentioned it. Keep it up. I can see improvement everyday.

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