Food to be back, I mean GOOD….

Good to be back !  I had a great weekend.  My class with Rocky Mountain School of Photography was outstanding.   I knew most of what they were teaching, but the review was much needed. ( knew in theory)  I did have a problem with the metering system…..the KEY to photography.   It is all about exposure.   How much light you allow in the camera to capture the perfect picture, the perfect atmosphere, the  perfect mood.  (of course, perfect is in the eyes of the beholder).

So, my struggle is also with lighting.  They go hand in hand !  I was shooting today, and working on all of the above.    Let me show you:   The first red pepper  was metered for the proper exposure.   I think its OK. The second picture is a tighter shot, and I think the exposure here is much better than the 1st.  Agree ?  Now, #3 is the slaw, I was trying not to lose the detail in the highlights.  It is also OK,  but practice will make perfect.




Here are a couple other examples of what I was  working on :

The exposure, highlights, and focus are aimed at the pepper and bean salad.  I have purposely shot with a shallow DOF.  It is OK, but looks like it could be sharper.  What about the color ?  I am not sure.




One more :  Pretty much the same, but not so close.  Which do you like ?



4 thoughts on “Food to be back, I mean GOOD….

  1. I love the second red pepper with bean salad. The colors compliment each other so well. The lighting is just right on the pepper skin. Is there any way to just capture the food and not include a plate in the background? I saw some food pictures at the Museum of Science and Industry yesterday in their food court. It was literall just the food and then there was an all white background. they were pretty cool

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