I am not finished yet…

I was also away yesterday learning more tips, tips that pertain to photographing food… my new found passion.    I spent the afternoon with Patricia Lenhardt,  recipe author, photographer, and blogger.  My inspiration.

Patricia is very talented, and seems to function with ease.   Patricia works with simplicity,  nothing is over-stated.  I helped her whip up ‘ Spring Soup ‘ that was delicious …  we took our bowls outside and I followed the leader.  I watched how she  composed the table,  the soup ( with condiments) and where she positioned her camera.  I have a certain style, you can see it in every picture I take.  To see how someone else sets the stage  was a learning experience.   I did not do as well as I thought.  I wanted to take a picture that told a story,  but my camera did not see what my minds eye saw.   I was not planning on showing these shots, but I will, after all…this is what my blog is about.

Here we go :   Please ignore everything about this picture except the COMPOSITION.   I did not feel it.   This is what I will be working hard on.

Let me show you another:  I have not grasped the concept yet.  This will be a challenge, and it will be fun.

But, I did take some good pictures,  Michelle style.    Here they are:

Are you salivating ?  If yes, mission accomplished.

Patricia’s  blog site is :  http://thetravelingtable.com/blog    you will love it !

4 thoughts on “I am not finished yet…

  1. I actually like that first shot. I just wish the colors were more vibrant. The shrimp looks awesome–I like your angle in particular

  2. Regarding your comment — “I want to add that ALL of my pictures are sharper, as in focus, than they appear in this blog. I will have to find out how to correct this problem.” This is because the screen resolution is 200dpi (dots per inch), but your camera can take 14MP (megapixel) pictures that are around 4500dpi (over 20 times sharper). You cannot make the pictures on the screen any sharper because of the limits of the monitor. You should have listened to Bill Deiter — he told me he explained that to you.

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