Do April showers, bring cupcake flowers ?

Hello BLT,   glad you are there.   No, it is not a sandwich, it’s code…..

As I stated last time, I have changed a few things.  I have also changed them back.  The biggest change that I forgot to mention is :   I have gone totally  manual.  Amen.  Manuel is so much easier for me.  I understand it inside and out .  Now I can meter for the light, the proper exposure,  the aperture of choice, and the shudder of choice.    I have switched back, for today’s shots, to my cramped inside “studio”.  The sun was too bright, and I was  excited to shoot.   I also have been switching back and forth from my favorite lens, the Macro, to my 55-200 telephoto.

Today I dolled up some cupcakes, added a bit of Spring, and viola !  Lets look together.  I do know that less is more.   I am working my way there, but …   Lets look at these.I know the lighting isn’t “correct”, but I like it.  I like the eye popping cupcake.

I like this lighting also, the one with the Tulip.  And now, the final 2.  They were taken from above, with my Macro.  I also used an artist’s canvas from Blick’s, ( my mothers favorite store), to reflect the light back onto my subject.  I wanted to do away with the shadows, and cast a more even and softer light.  I think that these are my favorite in this batch of 1000 cupcake shots.    No, about 35…hah !

How am I doing ?

6 thoughts on “Do April showers, bring cupcake flowers ?

  1. OK, I like the one with the two tulips the best. Something about the shading of the lighting on the left corner looks really cool.

    Very good. I see improvement. Not that I am trained, but I see it in the lighting somehow.

  2. These look terrfic! I am so glad that you switched over to manual. Now you are the one in control and can make adjustments as needed. Great job!

  3. Look at that food styling!!! Going manual is even better and raw is next? I like the one tulip shot and the top views. Keep up the good work.

  4. Yummm! Ilike the one’s with the cupcakes in them. Ha! Hoestly, I love the shots from the side with the tulips. Keep up the good work!


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