The difference between ..

a Telephoto Lens and a Macro Lens…

“A telephoto lens technically is one that is designed such that its actual length is less than its optical focal length. More generally, it refers to long focal length lenses that give a narrow angle of view and “bring distant objects closer.”
A macro lens is one that focuses very close so that it can project a 1/2 life-size or larger image onto the film or sensor. Macro lenses can be wide angle, normal, telephoto or zoom. The camera makers (Canon, Nikon, etc.) tend to reserve the term “macro” for their lenses that are capable of 1:1 (life size) or greater.”     I googled that,  no need for me to stumble out the definitions.

I do have some pictures that visualize the above. We will first look at the Telephoto shots, zoom …… that I have taken in the past 2 months.  With the Olives, it is a nice close-up shot.  I’d say I was probably 2 1/2 feet away when shooting this.  I am sure I also cropped it.    With the Popcorn photo, you can see how the popcorn in the background looks closer to the forefront, a tighter look. 

Now, lets see what the Macro lens can do.  I really have not taken many “Macro” shots, because this is a “food photo” blog.  Here, let me show you.

 Very cool lens.  You are able to see the veins in this flower from my neighbors tree.  Oh, and a bit of frosting…. The Macro Lens  is also a great close up lens, like the next picture.  I have focused on the cherry, with some of the coconut .  I have to say, these pictures( all of them) are sharper, as in focus, than they appear in this blog.  

Time for a review and quiz.  I hope you were paying attention.  Emily, I know you know the answer, don’t tell….

O.K., which picture was taken with the Macro lens :

The Strawberries or the Peas ?  you have 10 seconds …

Survey says:  …………..

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