On the Good Ship ??? or L-O-double L-Y–P-O-P spells

Lollypop !    It’s the only decent kinda of ……. cupcake on a stick.    Yes folks, Cupcake on a Stick.   Come and get em !

My grade school pal was in last weekend.  She is a true, and very talented artist.  Kathy Wilson, or fondly,  KWil.    Kwil and I were out and about, a little eating, and bit of shopping.   We found this Cupcake on a Stick kit at BB&B.      OK, I’ll try it.     So I did.

I did  not have the patience for detail, but you get the idea.     I believe I was using my 55-200mm lens.  These were shot outside, in shaded ambient light, on my back porch.   Lets take a peek, shall we   ….    I concentrated on DOF, ( I played with the lens’ opening,)  and as evident in the last photo,  added more than two     L-O-LL-Y-P-O-P ‘s you see  !!

I was not going to post these, but…….. I lost my blackberry pictures I shot today while talking to Dannielle on the phone.  I switched to RAW, instead of JPEG…….. and I cannot find them…..I don’t know what happened…..I want to cry, but  ” BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY…YIE YIE  ,   they don’t cry   ……  

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