An Easter Tweet !

Hello all, or none…..

I have made so many changes, that my older computer will not handle what I want it to do.   I am at a crossroad, and going to cross over, not turning back.   However, this means I will be away for a few days ( at the most I hope) , so I can get back on track.  I want to leave you with a smile on your face.   I took these pictures last Sunday, but was saving them for An Easter Tweet.    I will post shots taken with both my Macro and my Zoom.  You will be able to tell the difference.  I was working on composition, color,  and lighting.  They are OK shots.

  But, what I love about them are ………..     delightful !!

Go Bird Go …   it’s a cupcake party.  Do you like my cupcake?    No I do not !  Good-bye,   Good- bye

Do you like my cupcake ?  Yes I do, I do like your cupcake !

Hope to be back sooner than later with my pictures shot in RAW format, and LightRoom 4 installed on my NEW (ugh) and improved computer ……

until then …Enjoy your Easter or Passover !!

6 thoughts on “An Easter Tweet !

  1. OK, those are adorable. Made me laugh out loud. Plus, can not help but LOVE the “Go, Dog, Go” ending.

    Lastly, it’s Passover, but you were kind to be culturally sensitive! Can’t wait to eat some tasty cupakes!

    Happy Easter. Enjoy the new computer. It will be life changing. Make sure to get the cable at Best Buy (best $39.99 we ever spent) that transfers your files automatically to the new computer from the old. That’s my tip for you!

  2. Love the three little chucks next to the cupcakes, looking like they are ready to hop aboard. Happy easter!

  3. If you look closely at the faces of the little birdies, especially on Easter CupCakes #21, they look downright angry! But they are unbelievably cute.

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