Easter Breakfast

Happy Easter !  This post is in honor of Dear Old Dad !

Every Easter we made Frittata.  ( his 85th birthday was Good Friday)    It was always a big deal when dad was in the kitchen, a real production.  With six of us kids fawning over him, each with a ‘job”, we managed to make a delicious breakfast.  I was always in charge of the paper towels…(?).

We whipped up eggs,  scrambled them together with Italian Sausage, the kind with the orange peel, pepperoni, onions, and Parmesan Cheese.  We also enjoyed sour dough bread that he kept frozen in the basement. The real stuff from San Francisco. This was served with a touch of Orange Marmalade…..his mothers  favorite.

O.k, about the picture.  I had to switch back to JPEG for two reasons.  1: I don’t know what I am doing yet with my new and improved set up.  2:  I am taking an online course with Ron Goldman, a food photographer…and a good one at that.  The course started Friday, and I will fail if I cannot work with my shots.

I am killing two birds with one photo.  I have my subject on a white foam board,  back in my dining room, where there is efficient window light.  I am practicing using reflectors at different angles to enhance my photo’s.   Day one:  it sucks.

I did take other shots of a banana, strawberry, and OJ smoothie  … in RAW.  We may never see those.

Here is another picture of Easter Breakfast:

Again, I am moving around the subject with a smaller reflector, trying to bounce light back onto the dish.  Something just isn’t right…

Anyone hungry ?

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