To Copy is to Flatter …

so, I copied  …  not sure I flattered.   My friend Julie sent me this food blog.

I tried to emulated The PW’s  photographing steps  from start to finish …  The end result :     Pasta Salad.
First I had to run to the local Jewel and purchase the produce.  As I have said before, there is no holding me back when I have a bee in my bonnet.
These are not bad pictures, however  ….. cbb.
I stole the composition,  and mimicked her angles and depth of field.  Sometimes it is easier, and more efficient, to emulate a learning curve,  than to struggle with effortful obstacles.   I hope my eye matures,  my creative eye.
Lets look  :
And now,  Emerald City  …..
I could still  pull back from the subject,  and I am  in the process of learning how.
So,  what do you think ?    progress ?

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