I’ve been working on the …

LIGHTING.    I have been photographing the same subject, using different reflectors …  different angles and a different proximity to the subject.  I understand the concept, but making my photo’s look like I understand it is a whole new ballgame.   I have also simplified my subject.  A cleaner and clearer vision.

The lighting is ambient window light, with a southern exposure.  This was taken around 2pm.  I am holding a ‘ reflector ‘ 180 degrees from the light source…the sun, and about 1 1/2 feet away from my subject.  Therefore , a softer light.

I want to add that ALL of my pictures are sharper, as in focus, than they appear in this blog.  I will have to find out how to correct this problem.

The second picture is a closer crop,  I have my reflector 180 degrees from my light source, but lower…almost parallel  to the subject.  You can see the difference in the shadows.

Here are a few photo’s that I have taken for my course:   The one on the left has no reflector, the middle one’s reflector is closer, therefore not much of a shadow, and the 3rd the reflector is further away.  Can you see the difference ?

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