Let me be clear, CRYSTAL clear !

This is not a blog “about” food, and it is not a recipe blog.  This is a blog about ME !!                                 An egotistical, self-centered,         self-absorbed, and all consuming ME !     No, just kidding….

Well, it is about me… and my having fun while learning to photograph food, and getting to know my camera better.   Here I am in the ‘public eye’, letting it all hang out.   I cannot understand it either,  this is me we’re talking about.    Perhaps it’s because I’ve climbed over the hill, and I am immune to what is not important  ….   again, to me.     So, whether you are out there or not,  I’m staying.

This is my work from yesterday and today.  I’m trying not to post everyday, but I cannot help myself  …  line and sinker .     I used a mirror, outside in my new studio.  I found anything I could to take a picture of,  but it had to be edible.


Let me remind you that this blogging thing is also new to me, and  I haven’t gotten a grip on how to set the photo’s.   Here are two more :

I like all of them.  These were taken outside at 930am,  under a covered porch, southern exposure, and a bit of luck.   I cannot take credit for the idea,  I abducted it from Ron Goldman, my instructor.  Of course his are better, but then I would not have a blog  if I were better.

Let’s give this post an honorary name :  ” It is just my MIRROR (mere) impression” .

see you tomorrow with a One Subject Lesson . . .

6 thoughts on “Let me be clear, CRYSTAL clear !

  1. Michelle,

    I absolutely love the writing today and the photos are GREAT. Love the mirror technique. I also liked reading the more personal story about your Easter, the frittata, your dad and your job of paper towels. Hi-larious.

    I, too, can’t believe you are doing this and putting it all out there about you. Because, you are never an “all about me” kind of person. But, you have a passion (which you have worked so hard to uncover and nurture) and you have to be yourself. It’s great to see you being yourself, living out loud! Amen, sister.


  2. Love the mirror shots!!! So fun to see your progress and how wonderful you are doing. Keep up the GREAT work!

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