Dinner at Dannielle’s …. or, Oh what a Meal !

MMM MMM    MM !  Delicious.   Last weekend I packed my photo gear and went to see my friends of 45 plus years  …..  unfortunately,  a few could not make it.   The talented and creative Dannielle hosted the dinner.

The menu consisted of :

Focaccia with figs, kalamata olives, and toasted coriander seeds;  Parsnip and Pear Puree;  Israeli Couscous with asparagus, cucumbers, feta, and kalamata olives;  Marinated and grilled Tri Tip served with a horseradish sauce; and topped off with Lemon Chiffon Cake served with basil infused mascarpone cheese.

Eleanor, another O&D…and related.. made a Roasted Shrimp and Asparagus Appetizer with Hollandaise Cream in Phyllo cups with dill and lemon zest.  (whew!) We ate, savored and giggled throughout the meal.  Another memory created.  I know now that a close up of just one of Eleanor’s  ‘Shrimp Delights’  would have been a better picture.   Learning, learning, and learning.   The focaccia is a nice shot.   To my surprise, my favorite dish was the puree.  I have never had a  parsnip in my life.   Loved the flavor with the flambeed pear and a hint of cinnamon.

The couscous was out of this country.  Israeli Couscous.  I have a few shots that I liked:

Next the Tri Tip.  New for me, as in photographing on the grill.  Also, I cannot control  where these pictures are…… I am trying to put them in order.

Last the highlight of the evening: The Lemon Cake, dressed in Chiffon ! with the Mascarpone Cheese.

Do not forget to click on the pictures, you can see them better.  Especially if you are over the hill…or on your way.




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