Workin’ and Practicin ‘ ….

… ain’t no night moves.

Today I rose out of bed at the crack of daylight, finished my real work, and hustled and bustled around the kitchen,  setting the stage for different pasta’s and peppers.  And what did I get ?

I got GOTZ – NOTHING – NADA !    However, it was not a waste of time.  I know what I do not like to shoot, or have a problem with.   Anything covered in oil, red sauce on pasta with too many ingredients, and cinnamon buns that I made.  I tried in some photo’s to add a prop or two, but ……  you got it,  problem.   After many different attempts, here are a few that survived the cutting floor.  With these two photo’s, I  should have cut the strawberry in half, or used a smaller one…as well as other corrections.  I just don’t see it yet.

Here are pictures of the pasta I was planning to making my day, but they didn’t

And last, but better than the others, Pesto Pasta ..

The moral of today’s lesson :  The Sun does not shine everyday.   If it does, you’d better wear sun-block.      Bye-bye

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