I am in a slump …

”  ….  to decline or deteriorate, as health, business, quality, or efficiency. ”  Yep, I am in a slump.   It seems the harder I try, the worse off  I am.   This  weeks lesson was to match our subjects with the light available, so that the best qualities are visible.   Dark and overcast lighting lends a hand to  reflective subjects, such as vegetables, in my case, tomatoes.    With sun, subjects with texture photograph well.  The light should be low so it dances across the uneven terrain, casting  shadows to accentuate the characteristic qualities.

Light can be hard or soft, warm or cool.  Food can be described in many ways.    Reflective or shiny, flat or dull, translucent, smooth, or textured to name a few.   My lesson was to find a subject that would be flattered with the lighting that was available.

It was a rainy overcast day that I shot these hot tomatoes.

I was working on toning down the shine, or hot spots.   Hot spots defined by Webster :   an area of a negative or print revealing excessive light on that part of the subject.   Again,  they are o.k.  but CBB.

Part two of my lesson was to photograph texture with light.  O.k., sounds easy enough ……  well, it’s not.  Not for me.   You will see a shot taken inside, next to my window, of a Bran Muffin.   Plenty of texture there  ….

Yes, you can see the crevices, the nooks and crannies, and the blueberries.   It’s just not neat and tidy.  If looking at my photographs, then a professionals, there is a world between us.    I am discouraged, but not throwing in the towel. I was hoping the flowers would somehow help ….

O.k., part three of three:   Translucent.   I think I did alright with my “lemonas”. Next time I will not shake the bottle to have the lemon stand up straight.  Too many bubbles, however,  this time it worked out.

And one more,  cilantro submerged in vegetable oil.  I did take more photo’s of the cilantro, but this was after I had uploaded the bulk of my pictures to my computer.  If they are better, I will post them next time.Again,  I was shaking the bottle …..  oops.  One more thing….. the lens I used for the tomato’s and  muffins was a 35-70 mm.   I love my macro lens, and could shoot that all day, however, with food, distance is a friend.  Learning, learning, learning …   I did use the macro for the translucent photo’s.

5 thoughts on “I am in a slump …

  1. You state — “If looking at my photographs, then a professionals, there is a world between us.” As we only have your photographs to view, it’s hard for those of us who are neophytes to viewing this type of picture to understand how the picture should look. Could you include some that you think are really good? THANKS!

  2. We creatives must discern how to go with the ebb and flow of our passions and talents unfolding. The pushback, or what feels like being in a slump is most often just a restorative niche when viewed from a higher altitude. The dance of your creativity navigating the terrain your find yourself in. Your work is fabulous – so kudos to your courage to be an exposed learner which speaks volumes behind the photo’s and words put on the page.
    Seriously, Mommy, all I want to know is what is for dinner? Guess who : ) ?

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