Here comes the sun …….

I had a good day today !   Although still in a funk,  I sent my sorry a**  to the grocery store.   I came home with DONUTS,  and to my delight, I really like the images.

Today was overcast, with a touch of rain.  This is my favorite lighting to shoot in … the colors are exquisite.  ( I’ve used that adjective once before  in my life, it was dinner in St.Louis.  I was 15  )   Overcast  lighting lends an even tone, and the shadows are soft.   I think this shot below is my personnel best,  I can’t find anything to moan about.

The only problem with this next image,  the camera doesn’t lie.  The camera can be brutally honest, as most of us know first hand.  Although I held the donuts horizontal on my walk home,  they still managed to make a mess of themselves.  See ?

The donuts are placed on a mirror,  and a wooden flag is leaning against the railing in the background.  My DOF is just shallow enough that you get a hint.   I like it.

….  these donuts are on sitting on a wooden cutting board, with a sheer curtain shielding the flag and railing.  I like this one too !

…. and in this shot, ‘ pay no attention to the railing behind the curtain’.    Or do, I like it again.

Well, I didn’t stop there.  Let me show you one more.  This was my husbands lunch today.  I have learned that greasy, oily, shiny foods are tough to get a good image.  Today I remembered, but  ….  I like it.

This is a lettuce sandwich with ham, turkey, hard salami, some horseradish with mayo , and a slice of provolone.  The bread is to die for.    Don’t forget to click on the images.

7 thoughts on “Here comes the sun …….

  1. Do you remember being on the TWA flight from St. Louis? We laughed about olives all the way to Detroit?

    • EFH…. my memory is amazing, yours is astounding ! I need more details, black, green ? sliced, whole.. martini olives …? no, way too young. BLT, do you remember ?

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