Cinco de Mayo

Happy post Cinco de Mayo.  I hope you all are feeling well.   I had a wonderful Cinco.   I whipped up guacamole, added salsa and sour cream, and took a shot at getting a good image.  I did alright.  Close ups and single subjects are not difficult for me to shoot.   My ‘blockbuster’  is composition…  adding a napkin, a fork, perhaps both and a beverage.   I am going to try adding something somewhere today when I practice.

O.K,   back to the Mexican victory that took place in 1862,  here is what they served….  just kidding.   Here is what I served.

Did you notice I added a Margarita as an extra ?  This photo is OK, but the highlights are blown out.  Had this been a RAW file instead of a JPEG, I may have been able to save the sour cream by recovering some shadows and definition.   My aperture was set at F8, and the shutter speed at 1/30  of a second.  These settings allowed for most of my subjects to be in-focus, but with the Margarita slightly soft.   I used my macro lens.

What is a Mexican meal without some kick a** peppers ?  The top photo is of  Habanero Chili Peppers.  I am not sure of the peppers in the second photo, but I know they are warm !  These two images were shot with my macro lens, on a mirror, in my studio ( back porch), on a partly cloudy day.  My aperture was  set at F16, and the shutter speed was a 1/2 second.   My ISO was set at 100.   ISO stands for International Standards Organization.   The ISO is telling the camera’s sensor how sensitive the light is.  ( say that with a margarita ! ) If I had it set at 400, that would be for photographing inside, or darker venues.  Typically, 100 is for bright circumstances, but I shoot on a tripod, which allows for a slower shutter speed, in turn letting more light in.

OK, enough talk about Margarita’s.   Lets have one …..

Well,  a glimpse of what we want.  This was taken with my  telephoto 70-210 at 170mm. The shutter was 1/6 of a second, and the f- stop was at F16.

Because this is a telephoto lens,  F16 does not have the same depth of field at the same opening as a smaller lens, such as a 55mm, would permit.

My Cinco did not end there.   I enjoyed a wonderful evening at my good friend EmO’s house.  I could have taken many delicious pictures there, for EmO is an excellent cook and gracious host !  however, this was a party !!

One more picture for the road… This is more of an “artsy” shot. Could they use this one in a magazine ?

2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. Great job…love the guacamole in the individual glasses! The photographs I think are most ‘artsy’ that I could see in a gallery (or magazine) would go in magazine are the peppers on glass rather than the last one [in my humble opinion]. Also, I would have liked to compare the Margarita with focus on the sugar and lime a bit blurred – would be interesting to experiment with juxtaposing the fore, mid, and backgrounds in future photographs. You may stumble upon some unexpected new insights and masterpeices.

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