The Bend and Snap!

Calgal, you know what I’m sayin’ !   Actually you don’t, however, this is in honor of your British heritage.

I just spent the weekend with my niece who graduated from UVA.  A bittersweet time in her life.    Bittersweet ? did I say bitterseweet ? or do I mean British Sweet ?   I mean  British Sweet.  Today I made a  British Sweet,  BRANDY SNAPS.  (ahh, there’s the connection…. )   but, for now they are Cognac Snaps. Lets look, what do you think ?   I like em !

I am to the point where I have to imitate. I cannot shoot another berry, another cupcake, another muffin, or another something I destroyed in the recipe stage.  I copied these from another blog.    As you can see, I am still using my macro,  old dog new tricks syndrome     … however, I have stepped back a bit, included the plate in the composition, and made use of my DOF.  Image #1  was shot at F11, and image #2 at F5.6  …. actually, I’m guessing.  I reformatted my sd card after I uploaded these, though I think I may be close.

I then went on my merry way and added some ice cream.   Yo, Vanilla Ice.    Lets call this one the FUNKY COLD MEDINA !  that refers to a fictional aphrodisiac, a LOVE potion !  In 1989 this record hit #13 on the UK Singles Chart in the month of May….. how divine.  Do you see my Cognac Snap ?

Now, I also know you are hotblooded .  So, this is a tribute to your mothers side of the family……

  Yo, you !   how my doin ?

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