Did I say I couldn’t shoot another ……..

….. well, I did.    I rose and shined early Thursday morning, gathered my camera, tripod, and gumption …  and drove off to the nearest Farmers Market.   I had visions of produce everywhere… a photographers delight, not to mention a chefs glee.  I wasn’t thinking….. it is still May, and much of the produce my mind saw, was not there.  In fact, there were only three stands .  And guess what they were ….   STRAWBERRIES.  Oh, whats a mother to do?  So, I circled the block and talked myself into getting out of the car and photographing, after all, I had made the effort.  So, here are some more strawberries.

The sun was just rising, it was a beautiful morning.   I have some more images….  onions and asparagus ;


LR4 is having difficulty with me.  I developed (edited) these pictures once, lost them, and re-edited them again.   They looked much better the first time.

Photographer John had also invited me back to the MAYA DEL SOL.   I changed my lens to a 35-70 mm, brought a stool to step on,  and corrected my angle and distance.


….  I’m getting there.   Yes, I know the cropping could be better…..  I did it once already.  Also, a very typical inexperienced photographers mistake….   I focused right smack in the middle of the third dish, and focused on the flat-leaf.  Come on …really !    don’t forget to click on the images …..  they look so much better.

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