This is going to be a long one ….

First, I want to thank all the veterans for their service to our great country !  God Bless America, and the Red, White, and Blue !   Happy post Memorial Day.

This was a very fun weekend, especially on Monday, May 28th.  Friends from Philadelphia were in town, so natuarally we had to par-tee !  There were 12 adults, and 8 kids.  Each family brought a dish, and OH MY ….  they were all heavenly. I am going to start with my accomplishment :  Grilled Veggies, yes, I am responsible for this creation.

  If I may brag, the grilled veggies were pretty damn tasty ! mmm mmm m

The next dish to show off was created by my dear friend, ( who is responsible for pushing me further into my photography) Emily, or EmO.   This is her Farro Salad that she has mastered.

          and another view….      .  Farro salad is an Italian whole grain and a healthy alternative to rice and pasta.  EmO added raddicho, mint, a squeeze of lemona, cannellini beans, and a few Kalamata olives.  Simple and pure flavors.   Excellent  !

Next on our very extensive menu was a salad made by another dear friend, Kerry and her Amazing Pine Nut, Goat Cheese, and Cranberry Salad…   Kerry is the Queen of salads….definately her forte.

  however, the dressing and the goat cheese were added at the last minute, and  I was no where to be found.  Sorry K.   It’s half dressed and still looks good.

Next to be served were compliments of Molly.  Molly made two dishes.  The first  number was a bean, roasted corn, grape tomatoes, Kalmata Olives, avacado, flatleaf parsley, and if I missed anything ….  sue me  ….salad.  Perfect for a BBQ.

   Her next hot number was a Watermelon Salad with a touch of mint.  Simplicity at its best…….

   Good work Molly !

The last two images are dessert’s .  Cookies, from the guest of honor, Sonia …   and Kerry shows again with PUPPY CHOW !  a dogs life


Ok, here is where this gets long-er ….. I do not know anymore if my pictures are bad.  I am getting used to them.   Time to shake it up.  So, I will be attending a week long course this August in Missoula Montana.  Rocky Mountain School of Photography.   I wanted to attend the Food and Product session, but I need to know much more.  Therefore, I registered for the course on Studio Lighting.  This is the next step or level I should be proficient in …. ‘ one cannot rush the tides’, right Kwil ?

I will learn different sources of light, ie: the sun, camera flash, and studio strobes.  This will include different qualities of light, including temperature, size and direction.  I will learn Inverse Square Law…???  and why it matters to photography. I will also become very familar with light meters and power packs to modifiers. I will learn to create Rembrandt, loop, butterfly, and hatchet lighting…..  and I will experiment with lighting ratio….    Oh boy, this sounds very expensive and exhausting ! but, it’s time to move forward.

I know these images are good, but they are not great !  and that is what I want.  Ok, lets talk soon…..I’ll talk, you listen.

6 thoughts on “This is going to be a long one ….

  1. These all look yummi and sounds like a fun par tay! I must have the bean and avacado salad receipe as your photos are so good I would like to make and serve it. Isnt that the point of good photos?

  2. You can’t push the river (or tides for that matter) just work with the flow of it… the lighting course sounds perfect as it is totally essential and integral to knowing exactly how to shoot what you want to show in food product shots- how wonderful Michelle. Food looks delicious and want to try the italian farro sometime. Love the flag shot /composition.

  3. Great photos Michelle, I actually had the pleasure of eating all those items and I can almost retaste everything while looking at your photos.

  4. I think the pictures look amazing and the food, too. So happy you are going to that class and that you keep pushing yourself. That’s hard to do and very admirable.

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