The fog is lifting …

I am starting to SEE a clearer vision.  I am able to organize my photo’s, organize them according to my idea of good color, good composition, and good product reveal ( does it look edible ?) You could say that I am now able to fine tune, or critique, my own images.  That does not mean that I am able to photograph them better….yet.  It means that I can SEE what I need to do to improve them.  The practice that will perfect. (PURR-fecct)  If that was hard to follow, let me show you:

This image shows the food in a good light, ( no pun intended) However, the lighting  does not enhance the seeds.  This dish is an Asian Flavored Quinoa Salad.  There needs to be texture, enhanced by lighting.

I like the composition in this next victim, but I think it could be infused with mood.  Again, this can be perfected with studio lighting, and the know how.   I shot this salad around 4pm, the main light source was the sun…. in an east facing window.  I used a reflector 180 degrees, or directly opposite from the main light source…. the window.   The reflector used on these two photo’s was silver in color. I can C it.

The next was shot with a gold refector:   I can C it here also.

Can you see the difference?  I am pretty sure there are guidelines to assist in assuring the perfect shot,  but I know, rules are made to be broken…   however,  one must build from the bottom up.  To have an understanding is imperative.  After that, one can twist and shout , and let it all hang out…… but one has to understand the foundation, the basics, the fundamentals,the principals, the root….  I have to do the ground work….. !

And yes, if you were wondering… I made the salad.  Because of my difficulty in following a recipe, I thought this might be 86’d after the shoot.  Low and behold, it was delicious ! even my husband and Phil tried it.  Thanks Kwil !  don’t forget to click on the images

6 thoughts on “The fog is lifting …

  1. Beautiful shots — however, I did hear your husband complaining today about “rabbit food” — I think he’s more of a pasta man. Anyway, every once in a while could you include a lexicon of the terms that you use? It would be extremely helpful for those of us not in the business to understand the jargon that you use. You also might want to include pictures of your equipment and how you stage it as well — all we’re seeing is the results of what you do without really being able to “C” it, as you say.

    • wish I had thought of that….. however, my stage is my cocktail table in this case, and my camera… with a hand held reflector. Not much to see.

  2. Great job Michelle, I like the warm tones with the wood bowl (gold reflector) I see larger pieces of cilantro on the bottom and would have liked to have seen some intermingled up towards the top of heap – maybe taking a toothpick and making sure that all of the ingredients are shown off as it has interesting color and texture. And if you sprinkled more sesame seeds on top to (and others shown underneath and throughout the scoop).

  3. I think to be able to critique your own work is a major step in your development. This shows you have knowledge and vision with which to build upon. Very exciting.

  4. I like the gold bounce on the top of the salad. I’ve not used those, but see it works beautifully. I agree that some of the ingredients need to be displayed, especially if it’s for a cookbook or menu. Good job!! keep it up. Excited to see you signed up for the lighting class.

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