Pizza, Pop-Overs and Green Eggs and Veggies ……

What must I do to get a photo like that ?  Copy, reproduce, model, duplicate, study and shoot !  So I tried.   This first photo was mimicked from a soft covered cookbook in the check out lane of the Jewel.

Pizza….  showing the pan is a must, and only part of the pizza.  As Henry David, or Mr. Thoreau once said, ” The question is not what you look at but what you see.”  Do you see what I see ?  can you see how good this smells ?  can you see how good this tastes ? can you see this in a magazine or a cookbook ?  can you see clearly now, the rain is gone?

How about Pop-overs ?  My mother made them when I was younger, and I loved them.  My friend Emo also does them justice.  Now I can say that I make a pretty mean Pop-over.  I can see that I really like these 3 photo’s  …..  can you see that too ?                                                                  

 Last, but not least are the images of the Green Eggs and Veggies :  Let’s see how they taste and smell.

I may have added one too many scallions, but other than that….what do you see?

Do you see me improving ?


3 thoughts on “Pizza, Pop-Overs and Green Eggs and Veggies ……

  1. Michelle,

    The popover shots “pop.” I love the second and third shots. I wish I could articulate why they are good, but I can’t. I also really like the pizza photo. It looks and “smells” delicious. Your commentary helps me hear you think. It’s very fun to take a peak into your creative process. Keep going! I see improvement. Hope you do, too.

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