I am seeing RED today ….

  RED,  RED RED Rose, In the RED, Big RED, Little RED, Paint the town RED, I spy something RED, RED light, RED wine, the pen is bababalooo, the pen is RED ……….and  FOODS that are  RRRRRED !

Red is a primary color at one extreme end of the visible spectrum ….. and, RED is the complimentary color of cyan, and RRRRED  forms a set of primary colors with blue and green. RED can be angry, RED can be love,  and RED can be edible…..


What I like most about these images is the lighting, the highlighting.  I worked …(I played) …with John again yesterday at the Maya del Sol. I made a comment to him that I liked overcast lighting.  Hmmm …   John said the light is then flat … and so it is.  Today, I reviewed my photos and pulled out the best images with RED and highlights.  I don’t know why I didn’t see it before.  Thank you John, simple as that.

don’t forget to click on the RED food .

5 thoughts on “I am seeing RED today ….

  1. Excellent – love the styling on the mozzarella balls with half slice tomato on basil leaf.
    Interesting about transition from overcast lighting being flat and now liking highlights.

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