Can food without color be inticing ?

Thats easy – NO !    however, there is much to be said about the simplicty of a colorless photo, a B&W.

Back in May, I met a new friend, Grant.   We were visiting and I  told him what was keeping me busy.  Grant made a comment that B&W photo’s of food would be pretty cool. I dismissed the idea before the thought left his lips… food needs color!  I am serious about this, what do you mean ???   I shook my head, as only I can ( imagine the face with the shake), and I altered the conversation. I never gave it a second thought, until today.  My last two posts were consumed with three colors.  Brown, my favorite, green and rrrrrred !  I started out writing to find orange as the color of the day, but something else evolved.  So Grant, if you are out there in my “blogasphere”, let me know how they look.  

I am having a good time now…here is the orange I was looking for. And a blue I found …

   While working on the images, I had to step away from LIGHTROOM several times.  I was going crazy tweaking the blacks, raising the highlights, and adding contrast ….. ahhhh, then I turned out the lights, stood back from the screen, and marveled at the images.  I don’t know anymore, everything is looking good,…..  or is it just my imagination, once again, running away with me ?    

5 thoughts on “Can food without color be inticing ?

  1. I am attracted to the photos which are half and half. i.e., the green part of the radish is black and the radish is RED. The black and white photos of lettuce and complex food could be fantastic wallpaper or back drop as one may not even know that this fabulous design is actually wilted spinach. Keep on experimenting and let the mind wander.

  2. Food without color can be other things – just not enticing. Shapes, textures become compositional elements, graphical for enticing patterns, repeats….just not for stimulating the appetite. That’s all…credit where credit is due.

  3. Michelle, thanks for the shout out. We are enjoying the photos. Colorful food images are certainly enriching. However, the B/W post highlights the beauty of food – form, texture, shape, and contrast (albeit without the taste). Chinese dumplings, cheesecake with blueberry compote, a blackened white fish filet with a cilantro rub, whole grain cereals, or a half coconut all come to mind. Top it off with a B/W photo of a chocolate ice cream sunday. Keep on experimenting, trying new techniques, and enjoying food!

  4. I love the pictures with the majority in black and white and then one bit of color. The are ethereal and maybe even a bit surreal

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