Life is just a bowl of CHERRIES, especially on Fathers Day !

  It’s the Eve of Fathers Day, and I am home alone, just me … my camera … my music … my time … and my space.  Sounds awful (tee hee) .  I must be honest, it’s not just a bowl of cherries, it’s a Cherry Cobbler and Cherry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt with Strawberries !!   YIPEE!  Cherries, cherries and more cherries.      

These shots are of the yogurt in the processing stage …. not bad for the cook de jour !  

And here we have a lame photo of the Cobbler …  I am having a tuff time getting it out of the pan.  I think I will serve it with the yogurt on top, and give everyone  a spoon and a saw to fend for themselves.

Last is the Coup de Ville,  I never saw it coming …..

     Some things just work out.

5 thoughts on “Life is just a bowl of CHERRIES, especially on Fathers Day !

  1. love the processing and integration of the moods, the ingredients, the dessert, and how to work with all of it – it’s all ends up working out. The shape shifting from entering to exiting : )

  2. These are great photos Mitch and you are doing an incredible job! As for the reason the cobbler is not coming out of the pan? Hmmmm could it be you did not follow the receipe? I had a little tee hee myself when I saw that in your post. Hapy Father’s Day to Bill.

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