Reviewing the delectable BBQ, Deiterized !

I am still alone … father, no sons father, no father in law .  Just little ole me, with an enormous appetite…..   I made enough for an army, as I said, an army of one ! (ok, I invited Phil to dine with me).   To my surprise, I am enjoying cooking, mostly for the satisfaction of photographing, however, my dishes are delicious !  I showed you the desserts in my last post, but you did not see the main attraction, the guest of honor .. Shish Kabob, Deiter style !

What is Deiter Style ?  I think you’ll get an idea when you see my veggies … first I want to show you my Mediterranean Salad.  This salad was, and still is, yummy.   However, the image is flat !  Lacking the beautiful highlights from the sun.  I went from flat to fluffy, er flat to stacked, or umm  …  well, you know.  Lusterless. Next are the before and after shots of Deiterized veggies.

          ” Deiterized ” is jargon for cripsy, singe, toast, scorch…INCINERATE !  Our friends coined the term 20 years ago while we were grilling hotdogs.  “Deiter Dogs “

Now I have the piece de resistance … Chicken.           I could have left them on the grill a bit longer, but not everyone enjoys their meal blackened.   As you can see, my images are evolving, a different style is emerging.  Please click on the photo’s, they look so much better.

OK, I am getting full, but I have one more course:    Cherry-Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt   to die for !              As for the Cherry Cobbler, it is soaking nicely in the sink …

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