Another Edible Delight lost in translation …. and a formal good-bye !

I have so much to say today, I cannot keep my thoughts together.  I will start with the VISUAL, and end with the CEREBRAL.

I woke wondering what to shoot, something easy…hmmm.   Lets start with the dish:  Mexican Lasagna.   I can wing it !  So I did.

I am  The Rosie Rosenthal of food !  ” doesn’t matter how it taste’s, it’s how it looks !  …. or if you prefer …. ” who cares how it looks, it’s how it tastes!”

A win-win.  Let me show you…….

The first image tasted delicious, but as you can see…no spark to be found, no love in sight.

  About number 2 ?      ( need I say more ?)

 And lastly :    BEAUTIFUL AND DELICIOUS !!!    please click on me, this is a huge turning point, a straight-away, the right road, no-way out , I am turning the corner….

I have been cooking an awful lot lately.  I have found to photograph food, you need to get your hands dirty.  This cause and effect is so clear, you can see General Motors.  I am loving every bite.

My next step could not have happened any sooner, perfect timing.  I’m moving on up…… I am making a move in a direction closer to my goal.  I’d like to be noticed.  Apprentice if you will, guided, taken under a wing …. with the best scenario of making a buck.  All in due time …  just spreading my wings.  Therefore, this will be my last post on “5daysago”.      My new address, please come with me on this most enjoyable ride, I’d miss you all terribly ( all 5 of you ) .               OH!  who have we here ?     We have a guest ………         MOM ?  is that you ????  

                                                   you’ve got the best of my love !

5 thoughts on “Another Edible Delight lost in translation …. and a formal good-bye !

  1. If ones eyes are too big for their stomach than send them to Rosie’s she will sell you glasses or a belt to go with those underwear.

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