Pescado del Dia … from the Maya del Sol, with John

… and I have other dishes to show you also, all in do time. You may think I am melting in the Chicago heat, traipesing back and forth with my camera and gear, moving slower as the day heats up. Not me !  I’m in Northern Michigan riding my bike, swimming at “Sandy Beach”, cruising the harbor in the IZNOD, or relaxing on the porch with a cold brew. Family and friends surround me … and you thought I just took pictures.
This post was written in June. These are not the specials of the week, they were the specials of a different week. The Maya’s photographer John has been kind to invite me back anytime I can make it.  I made it.
Chef Rhea is an artist, …what he can do with a piece of fish… The Pescado del Dia.. pan roasted Mahi Mahi served with couscous, sugar snap peas, plantains and sweet corn and herb salsa verde. Perfecto ! I am glad I did not share these photos when John let his out, these look pretty good to me……

Next on the menu is Taradito a la Salmon … house cured Salmon served with cucumber, green olives, Jalapeno, pickled onions and sun-dried tomatoes. Viola !
And the dessert …. Chocolate cake ala Mango … somehow I missed the definition.

Working with John is primarily watching John and seeing how he sets up his ‘area’, the angle he uses, his lighting tricks, his equipment, his enthusiasm , and the tips he shares with me that only time reveals. That is what brings me back… he notices every leaf out of place, a bean gone astray, and a spot of sauce dotting an otherwise pristine edge. By the time I shoot the dish, depending on what it is… it could have melted, wilted, or just lost its Joie de Vivre. When these Edible Delights make their debut, the are standing erect, shoulders back and stomach in.

4 thoughts on “Pescado del Dia … from the Maya del Sol, with John

  1. Salmon shot is exquisite – colors, the shapes, layout shows great reverence to the nature of the dish.

  2. Wow, after looking at these pictures, I’m hungry….and I just ate. Those are some nice shots!

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