Soups du Jour: Cucumber, Corn, Mango, Peach and Mud ..

Today’s lesson… your drafts,  I have already written this once.
(I have switched blog sites, but do to some difficulties, I wanted to return to   to fill in my gap.  I need to be more proficient before I switch for good.)
The second lesson,  LIGHTING.   This area seems to be my biggest hurdle, my weakest strength (oxymoron).   Last week I spent two consecutive days photographing from sun-up to sun-down.  I made 4 Chilled Summer Soups. My plan was to get some great images with excellent highlights.  As the rooster was crowing, I was shooting.  My set up was an Eastern exposure with the clouds in the way of the sun.  The lighting I used to prefer …. and I got the images I used to take ….  Lets peek, shall we?
Here we have  a close-up of the Chilled Cucumber, Basil and Mint Soup. The image has texture, interest, and shadows …”Dark Shadows”.   But, my face is long,  longing for the hint of light, the look of love…
And the Peach Gazpacho.  It’s OK,  it has shadows, and a little texture, but no highlights … nor a twinkle in my eye.

Again we have another  fine  photo.  Not the  ‘whoa, she’s fine‘  look,   just the how do I look ?  ‘fine’.   Nothing to write home about.   The soup is Chilled Corn and Coconut.  The highlights are dull, but the composition, according to me, is good.  Actually, I don’t know if this one is good or bad ….  more on that later.

Lastly, we have Mango Gazpacho.  This one caught the worm. I had to shift the image for more appeal, but I like the color and spunk.  An early Eastern exposure.

Now, I want to show you my favorite image from the two different shoots, and the 4 different soups.  There are NO highlights in this image …. lesson # what ???  !!   But, I like the mood, I can feel the mood, and sometimes I like to dwell in that mood.   How about you ?

Click on the image to see it in its ” moody self “.
So, you ask, what have I learned from these “Edible Delights” ?   Well, I am not sure what a good photo looks like anymore, I see hundreds everyday … mine.  I am not sure if I am perfecting a bad habit, or hitting the nail on the head.  This lesson abolishes any doubts I may have had when I registered for the “Rocky Mountain School of Photography” course.    My class is in August, and the lesson to be learned   ….   Lighting.      Amen.

3 thoughts on “Soups du Jour: Cucumber, Corn, Mango, Peach and Mud ..

  1. love the coconut corn soup shot with highlights, shadows …would like to see the dew from the chilled soup on the glass. The shots below w/out the highlights are great but think they would be better with more highlights to emphasize the water/chill of glass. I love the background mirror and 2/3 compositional arrangement on last shot.

  2. The last one is definitely a winner! The lighting is wonderful!!

    Not sure about the Chicago site. I”m sure it would give you more exposeure, which is great. I find the ads distracting.

  3. “Fine” is a most underrated word. When someone says “you look fine,” I believe it’s quite a compliment!

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