Carol Marie’s Catering, served with slices of heaven !

Hello out there ,  it’s bitter-sweet to be back.   What I mean is … I had no access to my computer while I was away.  I know, get with the program … all in due time.
I spent an unusual amount of my vacation at my dear friends catering kitchen.  Carol Marie.  I photographed dish after dish in progress.  Unfortunately, I was not able to shoot the final product.  I would have had to crash a party or two, and I’m a little rusty at that.

I’d like to show you her work, as well as mine.  Unable to peek at my photo’s till now, I am not disappointed.  A pleasant surprise !

It all begins with the egg , or the chicken, or whomever is puffing away     ……..       (get it?)

The onion is a must !

These  two are on their way to Vegetarian Lasagna.

                                                                                                                      I will not mention all the dishes, but I will show you a bunch of photo’s.

   The next one is titled,        ” Right On, right on…. ”

Don’t forget to click on the images, they look so much better.


Due to the amount of photo’s I took, I will post 3 different categories… This is the process post.  Next will be the appetizer post, and the final post will show off her sweetness.

Oh, you ask, where are the slices of Heaven …….

Please,  I would love a slice of Heaven !  or two.

9 thoughts on “Carol Marie’s Catering, served with slices of heaven !

  1. M,
    The red pepper with the green stem looks like the Arm & Hammer fist. These pics are very unique and I think they need to be made into jigsaw puzzles along with your diction. They are fabulous. Food for thought, let’s put the pieces together.

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