CM’s Kitchen …. and another slice, or four, of Heaven

I’m on a roll…. no, I’m on to something else.  More of Carol Marie’s Edible Delights.   As last time, I was able to spend many hours photographing, and at times helping, in Carols kitchen.  Lucky me.  Carol is deliberate, patient, and skilled in her art.  I have know her for 50 years !  yes 50 years !!!  and have never know her to loose her cool, under pressure or otherwise.  Carol is a professional, and a damn good chef !  Cheers Carol, and to your wonderful staff.  Thanks  …


As I implied before, crashing parties is a no no, which means you will not see the dishes in their finest …. but you will get the idea.


What we have here are small portions of food to be served before a meal, with the means of stimulating the appetite. Hence the term, appetizers.  Let me know if you get hungry …
Lets start with the eggs again.     ( I really like the egg shots … janie !)

and potatoes.

These images are unlike others I have taken, however, they are of food, and they also, are a work in progress. That sums it up !  lets see what Carol is serving:


and ………


and ….
      and …..    
We lucked out, here are some Crab Cakes  ready to dance …   I think they are beautiful and delicate.



And again, more slices of Heaven … the last one being my room with a view.  ( click click )




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