Tis the season for desserts…Macaroons, gooey brownies, fruit and oatmeal raisin !

I am one lucky gal to have so many lifelong friends. And Elise, or EFH, is my very oldest and dearest ! I’m talking the crib….  Wanna play ? we played school, loaded our arms with books and talked nonsense. You know that goes way back, who wants to play school when you are going to school ? Well EFH has the golden touch, with anything. True. She whipped these up for our small intimate girls dinner, the dinner where we giggle about the past and may tinkle just a tiny bit … and that has nothing to do with age!  We swam in Lake Michigan together and ‘felt the water’. Here are some more edible delight images, compliments of my O & D.   (click click)

       and ….

Was that 15 minutes ?  just kidding ….   Thank you Elise for a lifetime of memories.

OK, on to my nieces,they are amazing little cooks also. O.O and Sofa sold these at their bake sale. Giving away most of their profits to ‘The Puppy Mill Project’, they kept the rest to buy their dad a birthday present.  How nice is that,er,how delicious were these ? The shots are not too good, but they bought their dad a car !

    ……     no highlights there,

      and no highlights here.  Practice, practice, practice.



My Key Lime Pie,( True D liked it…), and store bought sweets.  The point ? I am working it. Different angles, although I prefer between 45 and 90 degrees, different focal points, trying for great lighting, and experimenting with shadows. I am staging more of a scene also, to hopefully add interest. I do love to shoot the singular close-up, as in the gooey brownie, but I have to shake it up.  So, whatever my pictures look like today, I know they will be better tomorrow… again, practice, practice, practice..and let my mind wander, not my eye !     OK,    ” look yah, but don’t touch baabee”        Name that tune  …………..   1973 Eisley Brothers, Who’s That Lady ?…..

3 thoughts on “Tis the season for desserts…Macaroons, gooey brownies, fruit and oatmeal raisin !

  1. EFH is an incredible friend and cook that message is loud and clear! The photos look great Mitch! “Oh no no don’t touch”. Now I will be singing that song all day!

  2. The shot of the berries in plastic cups with the flags reminds me of shots from the dearly departed Gourmet magazine. Truly great! You are improving, improving, improving. Also liked the shot of the bag of oatmeal raisin cookies with the plant. I feel as if I am getting away from it all when I look at those two shots and in the moment of a great vacation at a cottage. You are, indeed, starting to create a scene that evokes happy associations. Great job. Also, I think it’s good that you are taking the time and not doing a post every day so that those that you do post are memorable and can be savored a little bit more.

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