Back to my creations, Roasted Chick Peas, White Bean Dip, and …

This recipe came from a cookbook gifted to me by KWil.  The cookbook, ‘super natural every day’, by Heidi Swanson.  The recipe, Roasted Chickpeas. This again was taken with my 40mm f2.8 macro lens.  Nice bokeh !!  a close up with the focus tight on a few peas, and then the blur starts trailing away in the fore and background. These are my specialties … the shots I like.

I have another recipe from Heidi’s book, White Bean Spread. Lets look:

Here we have a full framed shot, with an added attraction….the plant !   This dish doesn’t look as good as it tasted…. hence, poor photo. I think for shots like these, the bokeh should be less, and the focus more evenly dispersed. Agreed ? good.

Now I have a composition .. The two ‘hot dishes’, good bokeh, a foreground and a background, the focal point not too overwhelming for the balance and harmony, tangents a plenty, rule of thirds in play, Rembrandt  lighting, and a snapdragon close to dead center bulls eye !   Can I hang my hat on this one, and call it a day ?      …… maybe more highlights would do the trick.

3 thoughts on “Back to my creations, Roasted Chick Peas, White Bean Dip, and …

  1. I think the shots of the white bean dip are breathtaking. Second time I’ve looked at them in a few days and my first impression was the same as my second impression. I see a BIG improvement since you stepped away from the computer and went on vacation and took all those shots at Carol Marie’s.

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