A wing and a prayer …. and Granny Smith

What’s a mother to do ?  What am I to shoot today ? As the title implies, I am winging it … again ! I must shoot everyday, so as not to lose my feel for the camera. I look at cookbooks, study the photos taken by the pros, and pray for the “magazine quality” shot.  The more I practice, the better I will shoot, and in turn, the less prayers needed. (can’t use up all my prayers)

So, today I made Apple Cinnamon Bread.  Again, this is not a recipe blog, or a foodie blog….this is ‘little ole me photographing food’ blog. My ups and downs,turn-overs and pop-overs.  I haven’t had a class in awhile, I like to stay ‘currant’ and refreshed, so this is where the wings come into play. My drill today is working with angles,tangents,and interest. Geometry… These are not showstoppers, this is an exercise, a workout if you will.  Notice the triangles? That is big in photography of any kind.

       This is the batter stage,


… and the batter with a topping.  You must click click to see the image at its Sunday best. Really, I am at a loss, what can I do to make this batter look better ?   Swing batter batter, swing !

And now, the final act …..

      and the encore …..

Will the critiques applaud this show, or do I get the hook ?

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