Grilled Corn, upclose and personal …

That doesn’t looked grilled to me.  Good eye !  it’s not, not yet.  Just wanted to show you pictures of the before and after.  Here are a few more before shots.


I am now working on a lap  I got with the program, and all in perfect harmony.  My real computer died…  it’s always something !   So, I hope these look good, if not, it’s my computers fault…hee hee.  Again, this is just an exercise using everything I know from A-Z.  I like them !!  OK, one more ugly duckling, before the make-up artist shows her talents.  ( no, I love these images … bella ! )

If you were with me in previous posts, you know what to look for. You know what my aim is, and the shots

I am aspiring to capture.  Lets contine…


The mirror shots I love to take….  and the taste of Summer’s Sweet Corn…  doesn’t get any better than that !  or does it?  naw

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