Mackinac Macarons, and more of Carol Marie !

Hi.  How are you ?  I am good, but my main computer could be better.  I took it in today to the Best Buy Geek Squad and will not see it for another 3 weeks.  The Mother Board has blown her top! Therefore, I am working on my laptop, and hoping these images look good.

I was invited by Carol Marie to one of her parties …  not crashing it, photographing it. I loved every minute. These are of the final presentation, just before the open wide for chunky stage.  I was shooting in a garage making use of Rembrandt lighting. I was the last stop in the production line before the Edible Delights made their public debut. This was a full menu party, appetizers,main course,and desserts. How lucky am I ? Well, I missed the main course. How could I ? Easy, Tony was grilling the meat on the patio, and I was in the garage wrapped up in the beautiful colorful delights, on trays, placed in front of me.  I missed an opportunity, but yes, I learned from it (but what, I’m not sure…hurry? ). Lets take a gander.


Are you noticing what I am? I like these shots, they are definitely my style. Each image pulls your eyes to the lower right-hand corner.  The balance and harmony are equally pleasing, and the colors are cheery and vibrant. I choose the pineapple picture because of the interest in the upper left-hand corner. That shot is just a little different from the others.  Let me show you some pictures taken with my other eye.

Here we have MACKINAC MACARON’S.  This is what I was doing while Tony was grilling. If you are on a laptop, please adjust your screen so the colors are rich, and not under exposed. The reason I love stationary monitors, it shows you what I want you to see.


These cookie’s are out of this world. They explode with a burst of flavor, then melt in your bouche. We have Pistachio, Basil Lime, and Grapefruit Butter Cream. OMG!

I know, the composition is similar here also, but I have included a bullseye image, a left top corner to right bottom corner, a bottom left to upper right, and a front to back.  Should I pull away more ?  I don’t know… is this what I am seeking ? or is it just my comfort zone?  I find these types of shots fun for me, does that mean they are not good because they are effortless ? Should I be struggling with myself to take a shot I cannot see or feel ?  I see and feel these.      …..but, it never hurts to take a chance, you never know what may turn up when the camera is turned on.  I’ll try that concept next time.

8 thoughts on “Mackinac Macarons, and more of Carol Marie !

  1. The pineapple shot is the best of all — a little abstract. Makes you focus more on what’s being photographed rather than looking at the picture as a whole.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! When I feast my eys on the photo of the pineapple, my mouth literally salivates. That is rather telling. Great appeal to the eye and salivary glands! The photos speak to us!
    Hope you get your computer back sooner than they say!!

  3. the strawberry and yellow rose couldnt be more perfect! wow mitch, you are really becoming an excellent photographer of food! bravo to you!!

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