The Look of Light … … is in my photo’s

Ahh, the look of light …  my nemesis.

For the past three weeks I have been concentrating on light, and only light.  I have used natural light at the markets, concentrated on the glow, the shadows, the reflections and the intensity it can create.  At home I have knuckled down on window light, with the use of aids when needed. I have a “set-up” that I created.  My formula is not quite perfected, and it is tweaked daily.

There are many different types of light.  Before sunrise is a cool, almost shadowless quality where the colors are muted. Morning light casts a cool blue tint and as the sun rises, the color changes to a warmer red-orange.  Midday is a clear white, afternoon warms the color again, twilight is soft with a minimum of contrast and shadows, and night is generally harsh and contrast is extreme.  I have paraphrased this from Robert Hirsch’s book ‘Light and Lens’.   The size of your light is also a factor.  A small light is harsher, a large light is softer. This is just an idea how important light is and how it plays the starring role in a photograph.

I am shooting very basic, and will for a longer period of time.  I need to understand, see, and ‘catch’ the light.  Here are some of my attempts at capturing the light that I am looking for in my image.

I do not want to over-burden you , or bore you with too many shots….but, I cannot help myself.  If I do not show you now, you may never see them. All of these images, as I stated, are about light. I will not examine each one with you, but I will throw you a bone every now and again.  Lets looks, don’t rush, let your eye’s understand what they are seeing.

The produce images were taken one week ago at the Green Market in Lincoln Park.  These are the color of light, soft light, hard light, direct light, translucent light, beautiful bella light !  Front light,side light, back light.


The next grouping is of my handiwork in my own space.



Here’s a treat (bone), I used a reflector on the second shot of the duplicates.  You can see how the light has bounced back onto my subject and opened the shadows, or added a sheen.


Please do not think, that I think, I am passing go with a get out of jail free card. I have an enormous amount of learning ahead of me, and it is daunting. But, I am back in the saddle, and  holding on with both hands ….  not ready to get bucked off again, not this soon.

6 thoughts on “The Look of Light … … is in my photo’s

  1. Michelle, Looking Good!!! I can definitely see learning. I’m more a “spray and pray” and you are very analytical, which is good. You then had a much better understanding. How was the workshop you did last week?

    I like the light on the pancakes. It definitely looks like early morning light…just what you want for breakfast shots. Also love the middle photo of the cookies.

    Keep going…you’re doing great!!! Patricia

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