The Maya del Sol … and me

Hello again, anyone there ?  phew, I thought I was alone.  Last week, John Burkowski, the photographer for the Maya del Sol, went on holiday.   Sooo, he asked if I would fill in for him.  I’d love to, I replied.  I have assisted John on a few occasions, and he felt I was ready… so I am. I packed my gear, looked like a pro, and pranced into the restaurant.  Again, let me reiterrate…this is a first class establishment, from the owners to the bell boys.  And Chef Rhea is incredible… all this made my work that much easier, all I had to do was to show you.  I did have an assistant, who was long in the face and just got his license two days prior. ” Ok ok pick me up later, and be careful’. So, there I was… set me free !  Again, I am filling in, and do not want to let anyone down, the restaurant, John, and of course…me. I asked Chef Rhea to give me a bit more time between dishes, I wanted to ‘work’ each dish.

Lets start with the appetizer:  GAZPACHO de TERNERA   ( beef tenderloin )


I know how John likes to portray the dish.. get in tight, but not too close, accentuate the main attraction, the tenderloin, and secondly the presentation.  Looking good?

The fish entrée :  PESCADO del DIA   (Alaskan Halibut )


The aroma from this dish was heavenly !

The meat entrée:   NEW YORK a la PARILLA   (12 oz NY Strip )


The NY Strip images are just what the doctor ordered.  I have presented to you, in a photograph, the main attraction of this dish.  John would be proud of me…( and he was).

For the sweet tooth in all of us, Chef Rhea made an incredible PIE de MANZANA con NIEVE , yep, apple pie with cinnamon.

             And à la mode !

For those who would rather drink their calories, Freddy and the crew whipped up a delicioso, exquis, squisito combinado: FRESA AHUMADO          I think this is my favorite shot of the day … no pun intended.       And last, but not least, a very fine Shiraz from Napa Valley’s Stags Leap:


So, that about wraps it up !  If you are not salivating, then I have not done my job.  Maybe click click on the images to really get the feel and smell the incredible aroma that drifts your way.  A bouquet to savor.  But, if you really want to treat yourself :

The Maya del Sol    144 S Oak Park Ave   Oak Park IL 60302  708-358-9800


7 thoughts on “The Maya del Sol … and me

  1. Yum! I love that place and their food. You should have photographed the nachos just for me! Is that drink on its side? I remember some shirts this summer with the same look! Haha!

    • Nice job Mitch. I want to eat every one of those dishes, you captured them all. Happy Mothers Day!!!!

  2. Michelle….. many kudos!!! What a great job you did, filling in and working for the best!! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You made that food look sinfully delicious and my stomach is growling at me, as I type!! Good job!

  3. Excellent Michelle…looks like mouthwateringly great photography to me! Will have to try that restaurant when in your neck of the woods.

  4. Kudos Michelle! Everything looks great. Good light on everything. I really like the compositions and especially the wine bottle pic. Great job, you are on your way!

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