The Light of Ham and Eggs …

Helloooo, are you still there?  I have not been inspired lately, it’s the same ole, same ole shots from before.  What can I do?  Well, I have registered for a year-long certificate program.  I will end up with a port-folio and contacts.  The right road to be on.  Butt, in the meantime, I was on Ms.Eberle’s Pinterest page, and spotted this.   HAM and EGGS

This looked easy enough to make, so I did.  I made it not once, not twice, but three times.  I wanted to give this post something to talk about.  Instead of trying so hard to make a good image, I let myself relax and shoot the way I have slowly learned to compose.  I started at the beginning with the ham and the cupcake tin.  Simplicity.  The light is from the left, with an Eastern exposure around 2pm.   (click click )

Next, I added the egg mixture and baked it at 350 degrees until it looked done.


  Not bad for winging it !  but how are the photo’s?  (click click )


Let me answer that…  the photo’s are OK.  The lighting is of concern, and I am working on that. I tried backing off a bit from the subject, but from the looks of them, I could have backed off more. All in all, ‘I ‘m OK, Your Ok’.  They are a nice contrast to my older posts, I like the the cold element the tin lends.  However, once again, the Look of Light is the tell-tale… or is it the tattle tale ?

5 thoughts on “The Light of Ham and Eggs …

  1. If your pictures get any better I will have to find a way to “cut” them out of my laptop and “paste” them on to my ‘dishtop’. Great recipe too!

    • Elise !! YOU are too funny ! I have taken a job at William Sonoma for holiday help. It will start in the middle of October. Any chance we can shoot your Mothers dresses soon ? I could come in the night of the 3rd ( I work till 2pm for my neighbor on Wednesdays) and leave the 4th… or come in about 8pm on the 13th ( I have class till 1pm ) and leave the 14th. If not…we can try again. Bill is going to VA on the 10th of October.. if Jack can spend the night at a friend’s, The 11th-12th of October will also work. Those might be the best dates.. Thanks

  2. I just had breakfast, but these made me hungry. I especially like the second to last picture. More food, please! I’m hungry. Loved Elise’s post about putting it on her “dishtop.” Funny.


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