Sissy, back by popular demand …..

I received 3 emails and one verbal request to show Sissy’s outfits in their entirety.


So, because they are so beautiful I will post more.

Because this is a private collection I will only post some more.

  …    …    …    … 




I know about my issues, but this post is not about me.

This is Sissy’s footprint thruout the decades     ………….     Magnifico !!

Thank you Mrs. F.  click to see in a better format

3 thoughts on “Sissy, back by popular demand …..

  1. Simply stunning. Such a glamourous woman with so many talents. Mrs. F’s legacy lives on in her children and g’children. I miss you all!! xoxes Lovely shots!

  2. Wow, Michelle, these are amazing shots of amazing designs. That last jacket is amazing design, fabric, draping, etc. I wish I had a talent other than talking:).


  3. Gorgeous textiles – embroidered lace and embellishments. Where did Sissy buy these fabrics? Also such classic styles that are wearable today! Great angles and capture of the unique aspects for each of the dresses and outfits!

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