Chocolate Glazed Pumpkin Cakes …… and a Portrait !

Oh hello, nice to see you again!  Today I have made, and photographed, a recipe from the blog  ‘Rose Water and Orange Blossoms’.  Chocolate Glazed Mini Pumpkin Cakes ….. and are they delicious!!   I have also added some other work of mine.  You see, photography is all about lighting, or the lack of.  Remember, this is my stumbling block.  So, photographs of any type will due.  Yes, this is still a blog on my learning to photograph food, but I have found that taking a break and working outside the box is very helpful.  Sissy’s gowns helped hurl me to a level I was struggling to reach … I noticed it, did you ?




These mini-pumkin cakes were fun to make, photograph, and eat !  I had three different shoots with these patty-cakes. One early morning, one mid afternoon, and the final shoot in the evening.  I had to stop for a couple of reasons.  1) they were getting old , and 2)  I couldn’t shoot another if I tried.   I was seeing the same angles, nothing new was coming to the fore front.   There is much to be said about taking a break.  A siesta allows the mind, and spirit, to breathe deeply and to stretch.  Re-adjusting if you will, or the old adage, ” to lift  and separate” … you  do remember Jane Russell, don’t you ?   So, I took a break and tackled the cakes one last time … 24 hours later.  I did not get an image that I love, but I got a few I really like.


I like the composition, and I like the light as it falls softly on the chocolate.   I like that you can see the crevices of the cake under the illumination of the glow.  Did you also notice a couple of them have a type of subliminal thing going on…… helllloo !

Now, the  Divine Ms. K.   … also about lighting.  I like these too ! Of course I had the perfect subject.  A natural as they say. Notice how the light falls onto her face…. honestly, was this done on purpose ?   Yes, of course! they were photographed in the perfect setting, with the perfect model, in the perfect light !!!  So there.


Here are a few more images of Ms. K.  Not bad for  a first attempt.  These were shot for my class.  Karl, if you are reading and critique-ing … what say you ?  Please, I welcome your advice ….you too John, don’t hold back. Remember, if you click on the images, they look better.

  …    …



My conclusion …  taking a class or 10, reading up, and practice, practice, practice proves to be the key to the city.  There is a light at the end of this circuitous tunnel I choose to discover …. the light is getting brighter.

8 thoughts on “Chocolate Glazed Pumpkin Cakes …… and a Portrait !

  1. These are very good. You are definitely getting the hang of the lighting. Where are you taking classes?

  2. Love the 3 pumpkin cakes lined and composition. The Divine Ms. K shots are lovely – gorgeous complexion and angles most becoming to her facial structure. I don’t know but I see that you might consider other subjects beyond food photography : ) !!!

  3. I am seeing and witnessing more collaboration, interfacing and relationships in your subject matter and writing. There is more to frosting, icing and glazing pumpkin cakes.

  4. Tempting photos — everybody’s hungry!
    Great photos of the subject Kaitlyn Price as well. She has a future career as a model.

  5. Ah, the wonders of light! In the studio we are manipulators, in nature we are seekers. I love capturing magical moments of natural light. Beautiful photos, Michelle!

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