Kendall College Bootcamp, and the lights of the city …

Kendall College bootcamp, what a ball !  As I have stated before, I need to get down and dirty with this cooking thing.  So where better to begin than a Culinary Bootcamp.  The Chef du Jour was Heidi.  Chef Heidi kicked our rump roasts for two full days. Whew !

……………            …    …    …

We started with basic knife skills, and ended with dinner for 4 or more.  We chopped, sliced, diced,  sauted, rendered and tempered.

Here we have a couple of duck breasts rendering in the pan, as Chef Heidi filets a fish.

   .    .   


We made mirepoix, broth, stock (yes, there is a difference), rue, and veloute sauce.   We whipped up Ministrone Soup, poached Salmon for lunch, and topped the day off with Creme Brulee !


. ………     


We needed to let the dessert set overnight, believe me it was delicious !

Day two started off with herbs and seasonings.  We braised, stewed, and seared.  MMM MMM M !  ( that sounds familiar )  We trussed (?) a seared Pork Roast wrapped in Prosciutto, knocked off Beef Stir Fry, and threw together the best Chicken Picate I have ever tasted.


I cannot forget about the clams we steamed and dressed, these were out of this world ! 

This weekend bootcamp is for everyone. It is tons of fun, a lot of learning, and delicious to boot!

So you ask, what about the Nightlife, I want to boogie…  And boogie we did.  I spent the night with my mother and we rocked and rolled till the cows came home.  No, those days are over.  But, I did take a few shots from her balcony of Chicago at twilight, at night, and at dawn.  First attempt … not bad.   Remember to click click on the image….

    ……    ……




7 thoughts on “Kendall College Bootcamp, and the lights of the city …

  1. Great photos as always.. Like the story incorporating food and buildings. Loved the blur of the chefs hand. The filleting of the FISH…I felt it, smelled it and that was just enough.. E

  2. Your passion is back and shows in your pictures. I can hear and see the excitement in your words and pictures. The pictures of the kitchen stoves, the mushrooms and the CLAMS are just wow! I feel as if I am there when I see those shots. Great job.

  3. Great job as usual! Chef Heidi at Kendall is tough, but it looks like you did fine and enjoyed yourself. Kendall is a great culinary school. I thoroughly enjoyed going through their Professional Cookery certificate program. I love the B&W of the kitchen and the fish fillet shots are great.

  4. Love the tones in the opening shot of kitchen-was that straight photograpy? Also loved the mushrooms that looked slightly sepia toned, the close-ups of the tomatoes in pan is suberb – perfect compostion with spoon leading in to all of the sensory attributes of food including the temperature, texture…. The 2nd clam shot (large one) is exquisite – taken at the perfect moment in time and love the composition. That 2nd aerial shot in warmer gray tones in lovely – compostion is excellent …timing with lights of one car slurred in motion. You have have a very versatile eye able to adapt to capturing the essences of a variety of subject matter!

  5. Great to meet you in class, Michelle! Your pics captured the Bootcamp perfectly. Hope to catch you at the intermediate class in the near future.

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