Harvest Hills Farm, and my skillet corn bread …




No, that’s the view from Harvest Hills Farm … and what a view!  It was last Saturday where I enjoyed this evening.  Temperature in the high 50’s,  sun slowly retiring in the west, sipping a cold Negra Modelo.  Can’t get much better than that … but it did.  Dr. Karen is quite the chef.  I had heard that rumor, but in one ear and out the other.  Then, to my surprise, out onto the patio walked the most beautiful Rustic Onion Tart I had ever seen.  WOW !



       …        And yes, it tasted as good as it looked, and even better than it smelled.            ….       …



How’s that for a close up of the crust?    The melt in your mouth crust ….

Harvest Hills Farm has something for everyone. Dr. Mike makes his own wine, they breed their livestock, raise free-range chickens, and have 4 dogs that roam the grounds, but never far from their masters. Two of the dogs are beautiful shepherd rescues…  I could live on a farm. I could live on this farm.  The evening progressed with garlic mashed potatoes, brisket of their own beef, and carrots to boot.  We talked shop, played pool, and left with a full stomach, wearing nothing but a smile (… and our clothes …).

I am home now, and in the rustic mood.  So, what can I make to carry over the simple, yet fulfilling local color of the weekend? .. how about Skillet Corn Bread ?  OK.



And there we have it, a down home back to nature dish from years gone bye.  Lets see some more:


…  …………  


My “farm” dish, ready to be sliced and buttered.  Yes, I could live on a farm …

6 thoughts on “Harvest Hills Farm, and my skillet corn bread …

  1. Where is this farm? I love landscape shot with the sun and shade with the s curve road descending into background.
    Also 1st shot of the bread with the sunny left side and the browned crunchy right side looks so invitingly delicious. You’ve got me craving now!!!

  2. Michelle,

    How can I get an invite to this glorious place? It looks amazing, thanks to your pictures. The crust on the third shot of the tart is amazing.

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