Flour and Flowers …

Did I get your attention ?  Flour…Flowers … ?  Well, let me explain, my creative cooking is way out there… so far gone, I dare not post them.  I did manage to get a few ‘decent’ shots of my Pulled Garlic Bread,  but that’s it as far as my Edible Delights go …. today.  Lets peek:  don’t forget to click on the images to get the full effect …

This recipe was tons of fun, the trouble came later.  I seem to get stuck when it’s time to ‘primp or gussy up’ my creations.  Here are two more shots:




How do they look ? do you smell the Garlic and Basil ? the hint of Rosemary that I added contrary to the recipes advice ?  Just pull it apart and dip it in a warmed red sauce, let it melt in your mouth.

Now for the flowers.  This is an assignment of mine.  Believe it or not, these ‘simple’ images took all day long, and part of yesterday.  I am to be graded on these. I do not suffer from the “Fear of Flying “, it’s the Fear of Failing !  My dilemma .. which one do I submit ?  They are all looking pretty much the same to me.   I used my 105mm macro lens, and my 60mm macro lens.   F/stops, in turn depth of field, are not consistent with every lens.  I prefer to shoot with a shallow depth of field, but I had to do many tests.  You see, I really  need to know my lenses. Most of these images were shot with an aperture opening between F/8-F/16.  If I had used a 50mm lens, I would have had a deeper depth of field using the same F/stop.   Get it ?  don’t worry,  I won’t quiz you.  Please also notice my use of lighting.  How my doing?

Here are 4 different flowers, and some different shots of each.  Let me know what you think, and which one you think is the best. (brilliant ! reader participation )

I’ve seen that mug before, it’s the broad on the corner.  Give her a scotch and a smoke.

How about this dame, Venus Flytrap ?         flower  If you click on that doll face, you can see she is licking her chops.


 And one more old maid….             …. I think I know her.

 Do you now understand my shallow depth of field ?  without being to short, or too deep ?   Ok, on to the next lady of the evening …

  …    …     Dig that crazy doo !


 This one is Mighty Mouse in drag ….      HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY !!!!     




We are now left with my last floral choice, and my favorite.  I am not sure this bloom will merit an ‘A’, but I love the color, or the lack of… These three have my name written all over them ….







And the survey says ?

6 thoughts on “Flour and Flowers …

  1. Love the new site with larger photos and black background! For the photos…my favorites are the first safflower and the middle image of the hydrangeas–great composition and lighting! For the bread–looks good, but I’d like to see you tear one off and see how it looks then. Perhaps you did.. and not so good? I can see great improvement in every blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love the first flower…reminds me of a lips puckered trying to loosen rosemary from the inside ones mouth, perhaps too much pull-a-part..Might mouse, for sure..glad your thoughts are respectable 😉 Ditto Janie, I did giggle through the garden.

  3. The first flower for me — bravo! I love the lighting, almost lunar in the brightest area — “One giant f-stop for man…” Then those bloody viens behind the flare. The depth of field in this shot is perfect; shallow as a puddle, it forces the viewer to the points of interest — the light, the youth, the almost-moving aged curl… Delicioso!

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