Christmas Cookies, Kendall Culinary …. and Jane !


The holidays are upon us, Christmas being the one I love and celebrate.  Christmas is also a time to look thru the crystal with the eyes of a child. The excitement of Old St Nick with bags and bags of toys for all.  But what is the perfect gift ?  the sled, the scarf, the outfit, the ring ? No, the true gift is a memory to last a lifetime…  The excitement in the eyes of the gift giver, watching with intent to catch the delight on the face of the receiver.  The smile, the giggle, the all out laughter.  Well, that was my gift to my mother Jane this year.  Jane is the richest person I know, rich with the love of family and friends.  So, my gift to my mother was a new memory … Kendall College Culinary School….we baked Christmas Cookies !  Now you see, ‘cook’ is a four letter word to Jane.  Utter it once, and she will let you know. It may have been 20 years since she has purchased sugar, heck who knows, maybe she never has !  So, if you can, try to visualize the fun we had.  So much fun, that at one point I had to leave the room,  fast !


Chef Molly was the boss of the day,  she whipped us, baked us and sprinkled us with sweets.  We had 14 recipes between 20 of us.  Each team made two different cookies, and enough for an army. Jane and I made Palmiers and Chocolate Marshmallow ‘ Whoopie Pies ‘ …. so the fun begins, and by the looks of the cookie dough, it never ended !  In fact, the first shot reminds me of a trip to, ohh never mind …

Cookies kendall-71

   Jane did her part… as quick as possible, which left me in stitches, wasting the time she planned to save.

Cookies kendall-53Cookies kendall-47

We rolled,we sugared, we sliced, and we questioned.    Where is the Vanilla? Is this the right flour?  Where are the ovens? and, whose watchin’ the clock?  Who’s manning the ship??   Well, Chef Molly had her eyes on everything, the all and knowing Christmas Molly of Baking.
She also had some elves helping here and there, and best yet, doin’ the dishes ……

Cookies kendall-61

    .  Cookies kendall-42Cookies kendall-32 This is Jane at work ! Fastest hand in the Mid-West

Cookies kendall-55

metal-5   .   metal-7   .  Cookies kendall-27

Hmmm, where have I seen images like these before ?    EASY JJ  …. just kidding !

Cookies kendall-29

So this brings us to the final stage … The Cookie.  We all made many:  Citrus Sable, Sugar Cookies, Gingerbread Men, Rugelach, Madeleines, Chocolate Ganache Thumbprints,  Almond Sand Tarts ( Mexican Wedding Cookies), Coconut Macaroons, and my favorite:  Scotch Shortbread.

Cookies kendall-37  .  Cookies kendall-40

Cookies kendall-31 . Cookies kendall-44 . Cookies kendall-48


Cookies kendall-72  The pictures, yes, I can do better, much better. The white balance is off, I am learning to set it the proper way, and to take it off auto. I realize the pictures are cold and the color is drab.  I am shooting wider than I should be, and the focus is soft.  I could go on.   However, I have other cookies at home that I have photographed, and will post soon, photographed in a friendlier setting, with time and thought at hand.  Butt, even though my pics are not great, it was the best Christmas Present and memory of a lifetime that I shared with my mother.

                      MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM,  I love you !   Cookies kendall-23

6 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies, Kendall Culinary …. and Jane !

  1. Some of the photos remind me of our recent trip to University of Illinois or actually the trip home!! Haha. Great blog! Glad you documented the fun you had together. I was able to enjoy the cookies right after and they were delicious! Merry Christmas!

  2. Dearest Micheklle,
    Thank you for the great memories for me. I loved our hilarious adventure. SOO much fun. Thank you, thank you. As always my love, Mammy

    • Michelle, your writing is SWEET and SAVORY. You start out your first paragraph with emotional and loving ingredients. The last word, leaving ‘FAST’ is the key spice. I am sure all the cookies had giggles instead of sprinkles, and that there was more chatter than batter. Aren’t we lucky that our mother’s gave us the gift of life and taught us that no matter what the ingredients, we can always make cookies.

  3. Wow it looks like you had a great time together!! Congrats to both of you on such great treats. Wish I had been there baking with you! Maybe over Christmas break? xoxo

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