Soup and a Tart, photographed my way …

Meyer Lemon Tart,Mushroom Soup 2

Hello out there, it’s been a while.  Well, I have been struggling, again.  I am so intent on shooting the way ‘this photographer shoots’, or ‘this picture looks’, that I am not enjoying photographing anymore. I am trying to imitate, or copy, another’s essence. What makes someone else tick, is not what makes me tick.  However, the upside is CHANGE.  Change is a constant, it happens.  Nothing remains the same.  Change occurs for different reasons. One: personal growth and perspective.  Two: personal learning.  Three: elements out of our control.  I am sure there are more, but these sum it up….in my world.

I do, and have always realized that I will never be the top dog, the big cheese, or Moon Doggy…  but that does not cancel me out of my dreams. I still can have my personal rainbow with a pot of gold at the end.  My pot of gold would be working in a studio, watching and learning, helping and grasping, fetching and attaining.  The low man on the totem pole  …..  to start.  Or is my gold in the print business? Newspapers, magazines, or even a cookbook, ( which I could do anyhow).  Life has a way of happening, especially when we are not looking.  One door may open a path not considered.  So, I have decided to shoot the way I see it and feel it. I have asked a few professional photographers to look at my site, and have obtained some great advice.  The best advice from a man I’ve never met.  With all this advice, I can take it or leave it, and that is just what I am going to do. Take some and leave some.

I am a detail shooter.  I have tried to step back and photograph the whole scene, but that just doesn’t work for me.  I photographed this Meyer Lemon Tart the way I see it. ( and yes, I made it !  although I haven’t tried it …. )

I also really like to use depth of field, and to utilize selective focus.  You will see what I mean when you look at these next images.


Meyer Lemon Tart,Mushroom Soup 3-5   . . . . . . . .    Meyer Lemon Tart,Mushroom Soup 3


Meyer Lemon Tart,Mushroom Soup 3-4


Do you see what I am talking about ?  Detail …  for me it is all in the detail.

I also took a series of Mushroom Soup photo’s.  I took them my way.  Lets look.


Meyer Lemon Tart,Mushroom Soup 2-12


Meyer Lemon Tart,Mushroom Soup 2-10 . Meyer Lemon Tart,Mushroom Soup 2-9 . Meyer Lemon Tart,Mushroom Soup 2-8  and …


Meyer Lemon Tart,Mushroom Soup 2-7


You will have to look closely at the 4 different images to see the difference.  These are the shots I like to look at and love to take. So, let’s get back to CHANGE.  As I was saying, change is inevitable.  If I continue to shoot the way I am passionate, in due time my style will evolve (change). I will let this happen naturally.  I cannot start to shoot someone else’s photo, and not feel it myself.  You could say I am back at square one …. again.  This time I don’t feel the pressure to shoot with two left hands.  Mind you, the pressure came from within.





5 thoughts on “Soup and a Tart, photographed my way …

  1. I like that you recognize that your authentic vision/self loses traction when trying to imitiate others…a good intuition. But consider this, a reframing of perspective, imitating others to learn/master some of the rules, so to speak, just gives you a stronger framework to later break these rules and evolve into your own authenticity/genius. It is all a process of evolution and it never really ends. There are ebbs and flows of the river moving onwards.
    Many masters started by imitating styles only to come into their own authentic selves/vision by breaking through to their own ‘new’ rules equally valid but different. BTW…love the last cup of mushroom soup – I could design a room around the colors/textures in your photo!
    Give yourself a chance and refrain from the fortune-telling of saying you will never be top dog because it didn’t happen in the past, after all, as you said – change is constant and focus on all possibilities which can include that you are on the road to becoming your the best version of yourself (including your photographic acumen).
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Your camera is nothing without YOU. The writings in your blog are nothing without YOU. Your photographs and commentaries are truly YOU. Just be YOU, perfectly. I look forward to your blog and think you will go far in whatever direction you focus on. You are brainstorming, lots of lightbulbs flashing, find the right lamp and keep it lit. See you in ’13.

  3. I am not sure, but I think the creative struggle continues, always. Sometimes you feel good about it, sometimes not. It is the ACT of creating that is so valuable. Having meaningful work provides for a meaningful life. Keep going. You are on the right path, even if you can’t see it.

  4. I love the soup shots! They reminded me of one of my favorite excerpts:

    “Early one morning when I was busy making breakfast the sun came over the horizon and its first rays streamed through a window and struck a red cup sitting on the kitchen table. I had seen that cup hundreds of times before. I had washed it, put it away, drunk from it, and let my fingers get warm around it, but until that morning I had never truly seen it. The sun seemed to illuminate the cup from within. It was no longer a simple kitchen utensil, but sat there in the middle of the table aglow with being. I felt, ‘This isn’t just a cup. It is!’ And the radiance of this “is” took my breath away.” — “God, Zen and the Intuition of Being” by James Arraj.(

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