The Season’s Cookies Gone Awry ….

Seasonal Cookies-14

Back so soon ? yes, it’s just a blog with pictures, relax Michelle, and don’t take yourself so seriously !!!  Let’s have some fun !

Boy oh boy, have I made the cookies this season… and photographed more than you could count at Keebler’s ! These cookies don’t look festive, I just happened to make them at a festive time of year.  In fact, some of these edible delights look more like Lazo, Fusso and Fatso.  ( I bet you can’t say that anymore)  Do you know who I’m talking about ? Let me show you, maybe it will jog your memory ….. assuming you are over the hill, the hump, the edge, or just plain ole middle-aged.


Seasonal Cookies-11  .  Seasonal Cookies-10


………………………………………..        Seasonal Cookies-9


Yep, you got it …. Casper the Friendly Ghosts Uncle’s.  (stop yawning )  These are my classic egg whites and sugar cookies, bottom off’d with a bit of chocolate.  Not sure who is who, they all look like Fatso to me.

I have more.  These cookies were store-bought.  I used a flash to photograph these sweet little ditties, lets see if I know what I am doing……


Seasonal Cookies-6


I like that one.  Butt ! do I know what I am doing ??  No.  This was shot with my 105mm at f5.6.


……………………………….     Seasonal Cookies-8


This was shot with a 60mm at f5.6. Hmmm, I am trying to read the lighting in this image. Did I use a flash ?  I cannot see it anywhere.


Seasonal Cookies-7


The above  was shot with the 105mm lens at f6.1.  I must have just used a white card to throw back the light, I cannot find any clues from a flash.  ( it’s called being organized, NYE resolution ?? )

I have one more set of cookies.  These are homemade Shortbread Cookies from Costco,  just add butter. So I did.


Seasonal Cookies-5

The above is a typical image with my name written all over it.  It is up (too) close and personal.  I love the detail, the sparkling sugar, and the melt in your mouth image of a delicious and chewy cookie.  Mmm Mm M !  Can you smell the butter ?


Seasonal Cookies-3


This again is typical of my style, selective focus and depth of field.  To my surprise, this was shot at f14, using my 105mm.  Each lens has a sweet spot.  I’m thinking f14 might be it for this lens.  I used to love f5.6, but that was with a different lens in another life.  Too bad the chocolate morsel doesn’t look healthier.  This image might just be the best of the cookie shots. I like everything about it (except the morsel). By saying that…except the morsel … it’s like handing in a photo to the newspaper a day late .  Where’s a stylist when I need one ?


Seasonal Cookies-4


I know many of you will not like this shot, but I love it.  Only a fraction is in focus, you can’t really see the cookie, but you get a hint … it’s the ‘centerfold’ of cookies .   Just leave it up to your imagination, the plump and tender center, the curves ever so delicate, the warmth from the just out of the oven touch……   the sweet smell of this most delectable delight.  Miss December.

9 thoughts on “The Season’s Cookies Gone Awry ….

  1. YOu have some whimsical and erotic cookie photography my dear : ) !!!
    I could see a little story with Caspar family waddling around with their chocolate bottoms. The sugar cookies and choco kiss cookies below. I remember your melons had an erotic quality- you are on to something with this. I’ve never really seen this before. I remember Ansel Adams peppers had a bodily quality to them but not necessarily erotic.
    Keep snapping and exploring. HNY!!!

  2. You said it, this is YOUR STYLE…That is what you are developing. Pretty food is pretty food. Photographed food that you can smell and taste from a blog, is talent, individuality and insight. When the eyes and taste buds dance, you know you have the right lens.

  3. Yum!! Those up close pictures of the cookies are making me so hungry. I might go out and buy a patch at costco :). Great shots of the cookies though, especially the ones with the Hersey’s kisses in the middle. Very impressed!

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