Mangiare Pasta Tutti i Giorni !

Pasta dishes  …..  Pasta dishes-11

 That’s what it says, Eat Pasta Everyday !

My advice, Manga Manga, but not too much, those carbs know right where to settle, and it ain’t pretty.


A quick review on the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the Edible Delight: PASTA

Marco Polo did not return to Italy with pasta from China. Pasta was invented by Italians. Ancient Rome was the birthplace of fresh pasta (pasta fresca), which was made by adding water to semolina-flour. Fresh pasta was meant to be eaten immediately. The Arab invasions of Sicily in the 8th Century are thought to be the origins of dried pasta (pasta secca). In the 1300’s, dried pasta became very popular for use on long nautical expeditions because of its shelf-life and nutrition. These voyages contributed to pasta’s worldwide appeal and led to advances in its form and technology.  (google-Davide)

.                                          .Pasta dishes-12

I have been working on themes, trying to photograph different images of different dishes that are in the same family. There are hundreds of pasta’s… we have the long noodles, which include Spaghetti, Pellizzoni, Capellini, and Bucatini. The ribbon cut pasta including Mafaldine, Pappardelle, and Stringozzi.  Then there are the short cut pastas’ like Fusilli, Gomito, Paccheri, and Penne. We have decorative shapes such as Fiori, Gigli, and Farfalle, and we have the minute pasta which includes Aneli, Pastina, and Stelle. Oh, one more, the stuffed pasta’s like Fagottini, Tortelloni, and Cannelloni. Sounds just like the old neighborhood, I may have gone to school with some of those pasta’s. In fact, I remember back in 1962 when Etor and Ernie, oh never mind …


.                                                                                   …Pasta dishes-3


Pasta is typically difficult to photograph, at least that’s my story.  The oils glisten, perhaps too much, the sauces can look heavy and overbearing, and the noodles may have a mind of their own.  This is (also) when a stylist is in favor. Think about a beautiful pasta dish.  The noodles are faultless, wrapped to perfection around a fork, working together as a team.  There is no ‘rebel with a cause’ when a stylist is at hand, everyone is behaving and following the leader … (keep that in mind).

So today I will show you my pasta’s that I have been working on. The first image you saw was a Maialee Pasta di Fagioli, a Pork and Cannollini Bean Pasta.  I used an off camera flash for that shot, it was late and the sun had set. The picture will do.  The second image is of a Pasta con i Broccoli, Formaggio Feta e Pinoli. Can you guess? I knew you could do it !   Next we have a Pasta Putanesca, and another image with the tasty little morsels showing in the sauce… capers, red peppers, artichoke’s, and olives. Do you see my sauces glistening too much? a little heavy, over bearing ? Oh, whats a mother to do …

….           Pasta dishes-4


Pasta dishes-5


This one is for JJ … Pasta con Burro all Aglio. That’s right Janie … Buttered Noodles !!  sprinkled with a bit of fresh garlic salt … mmm mm m !

The next two were taken over the Summer months, but I like them also.  Remember if you click on them, they should look better.


       …. Pasta dishes-7       …   Pasta dishes-6


OK, we are winding down.  I just have two more dishes to show you.  The runner-up dish is of a Pesto Pasta, I suppose I could have used more pesto, but I love that shot anyhow.  Abbie, do you recognize the dish ? It’s the shell dish you gave me.  Perfect for that shot.


.                                                                    ..   Pasta dishes-9


And the winner is :  Pasta al Tonno


.                                     .Pasta dishes-2


Yes !  click on this one.  In my humble opinion, I think this is the best shot of an “Edible Delight” that I have ever taken.  I love everything about this image…        Perfecto!  Eccellente!  Magnifico!     BELLA !!

            Until next time, you keep eating, and I’ll keep shooting !  BON APPETIT !

7 thoughts on “Mangiare Pasta Tutti i Giorni !

  1. Photo DIET!!! These pasta photos are salivating and filling. If my eyes could eat they would be bulging and I would need extensions on my sunglasses. Pasta, like a good hair-do, tousle, shake and go…

  2. Yummo!!! Every photo looked so authentic and delicious that I was salivating at the very thought of tasting each one!! Bravo, Michelle, bravo!!!

  3. You are right! These are the best photos you have taken. Wow! Thanks for the mention of my favorite dish Aglio e Olio.
    Great job “Shells”!

  4. Missed this one in my email – wonderful shots…would love the recipes for the first and last shot. Absolutely delicious looking. have you ever shot Kamut pasta ?

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